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Pumpkin & Turmeric

$16.90 | 200g

Banana & Hemp

$16.90 | 200g

Coconut & Kale

$16.90 | 200g

These treats are AMAZING!

They’re SUPER healthy and dogs go mad for them! My little girl has a lot of allergies so these being meat free means she can eat them all! You can’t go wrong with treats and the team behind them are awesome!

– Brianna

Hemp Oil Supplements

Love them like family

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Award winning Product of the year Pawsome Organics
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Certified Organic
Made in Australia
No fillers, NO GMO

Good for their health & good for the planet

We believe that every dog treat should be made with real, wholesome, clean ingredients. Choosing to buy organic means that you’ve chosen not only to help your dog be free of chemicals, but that you are contributing to a cleaner environment.
Banana & hemp |
$16.90 | 200g
healthy treats for dogs

Certified Organic

Everything we make is free of chemicals, soy, salt, artificial flavours, colours, fillers and GMO ingredients. Instead, we use a variety of simple ingredients and superfoods in our organic dog treats, with each flavour designed to cater to different needs. By the way, the dogs absolutely love them!

Nutritious, great, tasty

All of our products are developed by our in-house animal nutritionist. In conjunction with a natural balanced meal, these plant-based organic treats and hemp oils make for a fantastic supplement to your pets diet.  Our packaging is informative and our website is an open book, because as fellow dog owners we understand the importance of knowing what you are feeding your dog. If you still have any question about the variety of superfoods in our treats, our various flavours, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


You'll be in good company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our treats have a best before date of 12 months 

Our treats have a best before date of 12 months 

They are dry biscuits and the hemp biscuits are on the harder side, but the Coconut and Kale and the Pumpkin and Turmeric are both easy to break. 

Our treats are handmade in our certified organic facility in Perth Western Australia

We use brown rice flour, chickpea flour, oat flour and hemp flour in our treats, These are some of the gentler grains to the digestive system and has lots of fibre to get that tummy going. Chickpea flour and hemp flour is both gluten and grain free.

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