Naturally Delicious Organic Dog Treats

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Pumpkin & Turmeric

$17.90 | 250g

Banana & Hemp

$17.90 | 250g

Coconut & Kale

$17.90 | 250g
These treats are AMAZING!
They’re SUPER healthy and dogs go mad for them! My little girl has a lot of allergies so these being meat free means she can eat them all! You cant go wrong with treats and the team behind them are awesome!
– Brianna
Love them like family

Treat your dog to someting special

Natural Ingredients
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Certified Organic
Made in Australia
No fillers, NO GMO

Good for their health & good for the planet

We believe that every dog treat should be made with real, wholesome, clean ingredients. Choosing to buy organic means that you’ve chosen not only to help your dog be free of chemicals, but that you are contributing to a cleaner environment.
Banana & hemp | $17.90 | 250g
Free shipping for packs of 3

No wheat, no corn, no soy, no nasties

Everything we make is free of chemicals, soy, salt, artificial flavours, colours, fillers and GMO ingredients. Instead, we use a variety of simple ingredients and superfoods in our organic dog treats, with each flavour designed to cater to different needs. By the way, the dogs absolutely love them!

Carefully selected ingredients only

Our ingredients are selected for their individual nutritional benefits. As the saying goes “We are what we eat” so let’s keep our pooches healthy by feeding them natural, organic ingredients.
Prepared in small batches in Western Australia.

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Our packaging is informative and our website is an open book, because as fellow dog owners we understand the importance of knowing what you are feeding your dog. If you still have any question about the variety of superfoods in our treats, our various flavours, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


You'll be in good company.

After trying them we noticed she stopped scratching her nose and her coat was getting show-dog quality in 2 weeks.

Misty is a 10 month old Arab Bull Terrier. She’s not even 1 and she is developping muscle at a rate 2X that of any of my previous pups.

Thanks so much Pawsome, These are a huge hit with my boy! He has no allergies etc, but I know I’m giving him a treat full of all the goodness.

3 More reasons to fall for Pawsome treats

Helps maintain healthy Immune System

Nutritious organic ingredients 

Improved quality of coat

Frequently Asked Questions

The treats should last 1-2 months after opening, if kept cool and dry.

They are dry biscuits, but they are not hard. All of our treats will be good for all dogs big and small, young and old.

They are handmade in Perth WA Australia.

We use brown rice flour in all of our treats, it is one of the gentler grains to the digestive system and it add lots of fibre to get that tummy going. We use oat flour in our Coconut and Kale and our Pumpkin and Turmeric treats.

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